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Rising Rate Suspension

A second year University Group Project was set to produce an adjustable rising rate suspension linkage suitable for a Formula Student car.

The 12 week project was undertaken in a group of six. The brief required that wheel rate and change of wheel rate must be adjustable without changing the spring stiffness.

During Group meetings, research, generation of initial concepts and a full development process the following Bell Crank design was produced.

This Bell Crank design allows for a range of different suspension characteristics to be accomplished through a simple adjustment (as shown in one of the videos below). Falling rate, linear rate and rising rate are all achievable through the use of the designed bell crank.

The videos shown below were used during the final presentation of the project to demonstrate the concept. In addition to this the bell crank design was also 3D printed (see pictures below).

As part of the development work the design was optimised with the aid of FEA (finite element analysis). This allowed for material and thus weight to be removed without compromising the strength of the bell crank.